Composers and Composition Services

Our composers provide professional composition services including typesetting, transcription, arrangement, composition of original music and composition/theory tuition as detailed below:


  • Computer typesetting of scores and parts from hand-written manuscript
  • Transposition of music into different keys (especially for singers)
  • Transcription of sound recordings into music notation that can be performed from scores and parts
  • Customised arrangements of music for different instruments from an original score


  • Music for television, film and radio
  • Music for documentaries and corporate presentations


  • Composition tuition for beginning composers
  • Theory tuition (all AMEB levels)


Piotr Nowotnik


Compose contemporary chamber music, fusion of world music and traditional styles as well as music for games, theater and film.

He graduated from Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne with a Degree in Music Composition and is currently finishing his Master Degree in music composition at the University of Melbourne where he conducts his experimentation into extended techniques for forgotten and obscure instruments, such as hurdy-gurdy. 

His recent commissions include music for 'Pleroma Dance Theater' from Hong Kong (Gan Eden, 2014), 'Human Dance' company from Paris, soundscapes and music for Melbourne-based 'La Mama' theatre piece of Suzie Hardgrave's ('Elizabeth Taylor is my Mother' (2015)) and Elaine Hudson's 'There are Trees that are Dancers' (2014).

Piotr's work includes soundtrack for UniFem Australia, University of Melbourne, animateur Merethe Tingstad and video games companies from USA, Greece, Poland, Australia and UK. His soundtrack album for “The Journey” (a film by Marco Kamareddine premièred at the Cannes Festival in 2013) has been nominated to “Best Soundtrack Album “award (APRA Screen Awards 2013).



He is a finalist of Indie Gathering Scoring Competition (Ohio, 2010) recipient of Billilla Artist in Residence programme (2011-2012) while his collaborative work with video games developers resulted with the work being awarded three instances of Technology Review Award and Parent’s choice for an educational music game he co-produced.

He composed and produced three albums with band Umanee which established its original new and whimsical style as ‘world music trance-fusion’. Piotr skilfully combines traditional and obscure acoustic sounds with electronic music.

He performs and records on plethora of unique instruments from around the world – hurdy-gurdy, overtone flutes, bawu, Swedish bagpipe, Uyghur viola etc.

His interest in merging together modern technology with unique organic sounds resulted in releasing his own series of sound libraries for electronic samplers.