James Oliver

Coordinator of Graduate Research

James is a researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, and has a strong background in social science, ethnographic research, and arts practice/development.

Originally from Scotland, James has an undergraduate degree in history and politics, and completed his research masters in Social Science (its philosophy and research methods). He was then awarded a research council scholarship to undertake his PhD research, investigating Gaelic culture and identity, primarily in the Scottish Hebrides, where he is from. This work was at the intersection of anthropology/sociology – following this he received another research council award for post-doctoral study.

Since childhood James has been involved in traditional music and culture in the Hebrides. He has been working more broadly in the visual and performing arts since 2005, when he became an arts development officer (2005-2007) at the Scottish Arts Council. In 2008 he moved to Australia. James has a particular interest in participation and collaboration (including community-based art), and investigations of ‘practice-as-research’ in the creative arts. His research interests and experience relate to ethnography, culture and identity; space, place and representation; creativity and performativity.