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The LYREBIRD PRESS was established at the University of Melbourne in 2006 to continue the work of Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre (The Lyrebird Press), established in Paris in 1932 by Melbourne-born benefactress and patron of the arts Louise Hanson-Dyer (1884–1962). The focus of the Melbourne Lyrebird Press is music and Australia.

Lyrebird Press has published both books about music and music editions (see below) and we are the publishers of the scholarly book series, Australasian Music Research (AMR), founded in 1996. Authors and researchers into Australian music interested in publishing with us can find more information about AMR here, and guidelines for submission of book proposals are also available.

Australasian Music Research (AMR Books)

A book series devoted to all aspects of Australasian music and musical life.

Vol. 15: Tuning the antipodes: Battles for performing pitch in Melbourne, by Simon Purtell (2016)

Vol. 14: Yodelling Boundary Riders: Country Music in Australia since the 1920s, Toby Martin (2015).

Vol. 13: Collaborative Ethnomusicology: New Approaches to Music Research between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians, ed. Katelyn Barney (2014).

Vol. 12Italy in Australia’s Musical Landscape, ed. Linda Barwick and Marcello Sorce Keller.

Vol. 11Goodbye ’til next time”: A critical biography of A.E. Floyd (1877-1974), Ian Burk.

Vol. 10Up is Down: A Life of Violinist Jan Sedivka, Elinor Morrisby.

Vol. 9Growing Up Making Music: Youth Orchestras in Australia and the World, ed. Margaret Kartomi and Kay Dreyfus.

Other Books

Forthcoming on 13 November: Destiny: The Extraordinary Career of Pianist Eileen Joyce

by David Tunley, Victoria Rogers and Cyrus Meher-Homji

Born in Tasmania, the Australian pianist Eileen Joyce was destined for the great concert halls of the world and a career that established her at the international pinnacle of twentieth-century pianism. In-depth essays in this book examine her studies in Germany, her appearances as a glamorous concert artist, her starring roles on film, her fascination with the harpsichord and embrace of early music, and her many acclaimed recordings. With listings of Joyce’s concerto and solo recital repertoire and the most complete discography to date, this is an informative new account of the extraordinary career of a consummate artist. 

Australia's Music: Themes of a New Society (2nd edition)

by Roger Covell 

Described on its first publication in 1967 as "a scholarly account of Australian music that is also entertaining social history", Roger Covell's Australia's Music has become a classic of Australian music history for its beautifully written explorations of almost 200 years of music-making across classical, indigenous and Anglo-Celtic traditions. This revised edition of the classic text, including more than 60 musical examples, is supplemented by a new postscript written by the author.

Passions of a Mighty Heart: Selected Letters of G.W.L. Marshall-Hall

Suzanne Robinson (ed.)

Spanning two decades of the cultural life of Melbourne, from 1891 until the start of World War I, this collection of the letters of the composer, conductor and critic G.W.L. Marshall-Hall samples the scandal, disappointments, achievements and camaraderie of those years. Sometimes caustic and often opinionated, the letters expose their author’s infectious enthusiasm for Art as well as his tendency to rile his enemies. Gathered here from public and private archives in Australia and Britain are 249 of the extant letters, each of which offers a vivid portrait of a man many described as a musical genius.

Bluebeard's Bride: Alma Moodie, Violinist

Kay Dreyfus

Alma Moodie is perhaps the most gifted violinist ever to have left Australia, acclaimed in Germany in her youth as a "rare apparition in the world of virtuosity". By all accounts a charismatic personality and a prodigious musician, she left no recordings and has slipped into an obscurity as deep as it is undeserved. In piecing together the details of Moodie’s life, Kay Dreyfus reclaims her reputation as one of the outstanding violinists of her generation and as a leading exponent of the contemporary music of her day.

The Point of the Baton

John Hopkins with Will Cottam

The personal and surprisingly candid memoir of conductor John Hopkins, his distinguished career in Britain, New Zealand and Australia, and his role as a champion of the young and the new.

Catalogue of the Hanson-Dyer Music Collection

Denis Herlin

Louise Hanson-Dyer’s library, now at the University of Melbourne, which includes some 250 prints and manuscripts dating from the 15th to the early 19th centuries, is particularly notable for French operatic works, early English prints, Italian renaissance music and early theoretical treatises.

CSAM Publications

Lyrebird Press also distributes books and earlier volumes of AMR (1-8) published by the former Centre for Studies in Australian Music.

Critical Editions of Music


Economical electronic editions as well as traditional publications of Australian music.

Ern Malley Songs, Settings of The Darkening Ecliptic by University of Melbourne composers, compiled and edited by Johanna Selleck. Song settings of the poetry of “Ern Malley” (James McAuley and Harold Stewart) by twenty-four composers associated, as staff or students, with the University of Melbourne.

Charles Edward Horsley, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D minor, opus 29 (1849), edited by Richard Divall is the first publication in the Australiana series.

CSAM Publications

Editions published by the Centre for the Study of Australian Music are exclusively available for purchase through Lyrebird Press.


Editions of early music in the Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre tradition and beyond.

Michel’Angelo Vella (1710-92) — 24 Sonatas for 3 Transverse Flutes without Bass, edited by Richard Divall. Four volumes of six sonatas by the 18th-century Maltese composer and priest.

Simon Boyleau - Motetta Quatuor Vocum (1544), edited by Sally Watt. The first book of motets by a French nobleman who rose to become master of the chapel at Milan cathedral.

Wholesale enquiries should be made direct to the publisher lyrebirdpress-info@unimelb.edu.au.

New and forthcoming


Destiny: The Extraordinary Career of Pianist Eileen Joyce by David Tunley, Victoria Rogers and Cyrus Meher-Homji


Tuning the antipodes: Battles for performing pitch in Melbourne by Simon Purtell (AMR 15, 2016)

Australia's Music: Themes of a New Society (2nd edn 2016), by Roger Covell

Passions of a Mighty Heart

Selected Letters of G.W.L. Marshall-Hall  edited by Suzanne Robinson

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