Italy in Australia’s Musical Landscape

Edited by Linda Barwick and Marcello Sorce Keller

Italy in Australia’s Musical Landscape

This collection of essays celebrates the past and future of Italy's long presence in Australia's musical landscape.

One in twenty Australians has ancestral connections to Italy, connections that continue to be activated today through music as well as through language, food and sociality. This volume brings together a collection of essays tracing the diverse origins of the musical practices brought by Australia’s Italians and the subsequent influences of commercial music, government policies, and ongoing transnational relationships with family and paesani (those from the same town or village). Responses by scholars from Italy and elsewhere in the Anglophone diaspora provide additional perspective on the significance of these phenomena.



One Transnational Perspectives on Italy in Australia’s Musical Landscape
Linda Barwick and Marcello Sorce Keller
Two A Passionate Paradox: Public Reception in 1920s Australia of Visiting Italian Opera Companies and Musicians
Kay Dreyfus and Kerry Murphy
Three Re-presenting Italy in Australia through Theatre and Music, 1972–2007
Antonio Comin with Linda Barwick
Four Italian Traditional Music in Adelaide in the 1970s and 1980s
Linda Barwick
Five Neapolitan Songs for All! Musings around a Fieldwork Experience
Marcello Sorce Keller
Six Professional Italian-Australian Accordionists and the “Golden Age” of the Piano-Accordion in Australia
John Whiteoak
Seven New Voices, New Songs, New Stars: Italian Song Festivals and Contesting in Australia
Aline Scott-Maxwell
Eight Italian Immigrant Harpists from Viggiano in the Early Twentieth Century: Re-Discovering a Little-Known Aspect of the Musical History of Melbourne
Frances Thiele
Nine “Oltre l’Australia, c’è la luna”: Maggio garfagnino and the Emigrant Experience
Linda Barwick


Ten Parallel Universe
Luisa Del Giudice
Eleven “Italians are Not Racists, Others Are”: A Very Short History of Immigration in Italy’s Musical Landscape
Franco Fabbri
Twelve Italy in Australia’s Musical Landscape: A View from Italy
Paolo Prato
Thirteen Thoughts on Music and Migration
Marcello Sorce Keller and Linda Barwick
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