Current Student Information

VCA MCM Students have access to a variety of University support and resources throughout the duration of their studies. All of these amenities and functions serve to further assist a Student’s ability to successfully undertake their degree.

In order to gain the most out of your experience within the Faculty, it is advised that you familiarise yourself with unique opportunities available to you, as well as your rights and responsibilities, as an enrolled student.

MCM Instrument Loans

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music has a selection of musical instruments including strings, woodwinds, brass and early music instruments that are available for loan to current students for use in course-related activities. All instrument loans are subject to the recommendation of your teacher and approval of the responsible academic staff member, and organised by the Instrument Loans Manager, Infrastructure and Operations (, rather than the VCA & MCM Student Centre.

Instrument loans require a refundable deposit of $200 and a loan fee of $100 per semester or part thereof. Certain valuable instruments may require a higher deposit.


To Organise an Instrument Loan

  • Seek support of the responsible academic staff member; subject coordinator, teacher, ensemble director or convenor of instrument area, who may recommend a particular instrument to you.
  • Contact the Instrument Loans Manager to reserve an instrument, obtain information about loan fees and deposit payments and make an appointment.
  • The Instrument Loans Manager will issue a loan agreement form for you to sign, receive your payment, issue a receipt, and hand over the instrument.
  • You will then be permitted to take the instrument off campus for practice during the Semester and keep it safely at your address.

Please note

  • Students are responsible for looking after the instrument for the duration of the loan period and ensuring that the instrument is kept safe and in good repair.
  • Students are not permitted to pass the instrument on to anyone else.
  • Instruments must not be left in motor vehicles, unlocked rooms or otherwise left unattended.
  • All instruments must be returned personally to the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Front Office or the Instrument Loans Manager.

Instruments must be returned by the due date. A penalty of $100 will be imposed immediately an instrument is overdue, with an additional charge of $5 per day imposed for each day that the instrument is late.


Pianos for Home Practice

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music has arranged a special service with a piano supplier to support students who have moved to Melbourne to study, with no piano at home, to get access to a quality upright piano for the whole academic year (March to November) at a heavily discounted rate.

The service is available from approximately $85 per month including GST, plus the removal and tuning cost.

MCM Accompanists

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music provides students with an accompanist allowance to rehearse and perform with an approved accompanist in performance classes and practical examinations within the following degrees;

  • Diploma in Music (Practical)
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Music (Honours)
  • Graduate Diploma in Music (Practical)
  • Master of Music (Performance Teaching)
  • Master of Music (Music Performance)

Practical Examination Accompanist Allowances

The Accompanist allowance includes both rehearsals and the examination (e.g. for a Bachelor of Music student enrolled in MUSI10090 Music Performance 2, the allowance would cover one hour for rehearsal, one hour for performance exam).


1 hour per student:

Diploma in Music (Practical)

MUSI10012 Music Performance 2D

MUSI20060 Music Performance 4D

MUSI30216 Music Performance 6D

Bachelor of Music

MUSI10090 Minor Music Performance 2

MUSI20026 Minor Music Performance 4

MUSI30051 Minor Music Performance 6

2 hours per student:

Bachelor of Music

MUSI10221 Practical Music 2
MUSI20200 Practical Music 4
MUSI30251 Practical Music 6

MUSI20202 Performance 4

MUSI20059 Music Performance 4

MUSI30218 Music Performance 6

Bachelor of Music (Honours)

MUSI40060 Concerto

4 hours per student:

Bachelor of Music

MUSI30253 Performance 6

MUSI30008 Performance Study 6

Bachelor of Music (Honours)

MUSI40061 Recital

Graduate Diploma in Music (Practical)

MUSI40017 Practical Study 2

Master of Music (Performance Teaching)

MUSI90156 Performing to Teach 2

MUSI90157 Pedagogue Recital

Master of Music (Music Performance)

MUSI90100 Recital 1

MUSI90101 Recital 2


Please note: Payment for any time outside of the allocated hours indicated above, or for an Accompanist not listed on the MCM List of Approved Accompanists, are the responsibility of the student.


MCM List of approved accompanists

Students are required to use Accompanists from the MCM List of Approved Accompanists.

Students are required to notify the MCM, via the Practical Examination Program Approval Form (due week 8 of each semester) of the Accompanist that will be used for their recital examination. Students must notify the Faculty Academic Support Office  if they are changing Accompanists.


Non-keyboard Accompaniment

Contemporary music students completing the Master of Music (Performance Teaching) and students undertaking specialist instrumental studies (e.g. early music) can apply for special permission from the Faculty Academic Support Office  to use an Accompanist outside of the MCM List of Approved Accompanists.


FAQ: Keyboard Accompanist allowance instrumental, Concert and Performance Classes

The following classes have a scheduled Accompanist each week:

  • Instrumental Class
  • Concert Class
  • Performance Class: Bachelor of Music (Honours) and students enrolled in Performance Study 5 and 6

For the following classes, any Accompanist from the MCM List of Approved Accompanists may be used:

  • Performance Class: Master of Music (Performance Teaching)
  • Performance Class: Master of Music (Performance)


Who is the scheduled accompanist for instrumental, concert and performance (honours and performance study) class?

The Head of Department or the Performance/Concert Class Coordinator will notify students of the scheduled Accompanist each week.


How much rehearsal/performance time am I entitled to?

Instrumental, concert and performance (honours and performance study) class: One 15-minute rehearsal with the scheduled Accompanist for the class, plus the performance.

Master of Music (Performance Teaching) and Master of Music (Performance) classes: One 1-hour rehearsal with any Accompanist from the MCM List of Approved Accompanists, plus the performance in class.


How do I organise rehearsals?

Sign-up sheets for rehearsals will be available on the relevant instrumental music boards in the Conservatorium, or alternatively, via direct contact with the Accompanist. Please check with your Head of Department or the Performance/Concert Class Coordinator if you are unsure as to how to sign-up for rehearsals.


Do I have to use the scheduled Accompanist for instrumental, concert and performance (honours and performance study) class?

No, students are able to perform in class with an Accompanist of their choice. However, if a student uses an Accompanist that is not scheduled for the class, the student is responsible for the cost of the rehearsal and performance.


I am an MCM Contemporary Music student enrolled in the Master of Music (Performance Teaching); do I have to use an Accompanist from the MCM List of Approved Accompanists for class?

No. Contemporary music students are able to apply for special permission to use an Accompanist outside of the MCM List of Approved Accompanists by emailing the Faculty Academic Support Office.


FAQ: Accompanist Allowance for Practical Examinations

Can I continue to rehearse with my Accompanist beyond the allocated hours?

Yes. Students are encouraged to rehearse with Accompanists for as long as required to ensure the greatest preparation for their recital examination. However, where a student uses more than their allocated allowance, they must pay the Accompanist directly for the extra time.


I am using a piano Accompanist and a harpsichordist for my exam; can I claim an Accompanist allowance for both?

Students are entitled to an Accompanist allowance based on the subject enrolled, not the type(s) of accompaniment required for the examination. However, special permission can be sought from the Faculty Academic Support Office to have an allocation calculated on a proportional basis (e.g. allocation split equally between two associate artists).


Can I use my Accompanist allowance for a technical examination?

No. The MCM does not provide an Accompanist Allowance to facilitate technical examinations.


I have deferred my examination; can I claim extra Accompanist hours?

No. Students are entitled to an Accompanist allowance based on the subject enrolled, and unfortunately the MCM cannot cover additional hours incurred as a result of special consideration and deferred examinations.


I am a student accompanying another student; can I get paid for my time?

No. It is often encouraged that students work with other students during performance classes, however the MCM does not pay for students that accompany other students.


What if my Accompanist isn’t on the MCM List of Approved Accompanists?

Students are able to seek special permission from the Faculty Academic Support Office  to use an Accompanist outside the MCM List of Approved Accompanists. Students are required to provide details as to why they require an associate artist not listed as an MCM List of Approved Accompanist.