Dr Katrina McFerran: Breakup songs can make moving on more difficult

23 Jan 2017

Breaking up is hard to do, but some music can make it even harder according to Head of Music Therapy Dr Katrina McFerran. Read more via The Huffington Post.

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Spinal patients sing to breathe easy in virtual world

11 Nov 2016

Music therapy researchers from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music are using virtual reality to allow quadriplegics to sing together to boost their breathing and connectedness. Find out more via Pursuit.

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Let’s rework our approach with ‘angry young people’

28 Jul 2016

18-year-old David Ali Sonboly shot and killed strangers in his local shopping centre in Munich. What lessons can we learn about working with young people? Music therapist Professor Kat McFerran offers a new perspective via Pursuit

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Songwriting as solace

13 May 2016

Making music helps people come to terms with traumatic life changes writes music therapist Professor Felicity Baker. Read more via The Conversation.

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Music and the brain

03 May 2016

Professor Felicity Baker's music therapy is helping treat people suffering with brain damage and diseases like Alzheimer's. She spoke to TODAY about the effects music can have on the brain. Watch the segment online.

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On a positive note: Songwriting as a therapy method

29 Feb 2016

In creating music we can share something of our experiences and ourselves – a notion explored by Professor Felicity Baker in therapeutic songwriting. Read more via Pursuit.

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Questions to ask your teenager about music and mental health

17 Feb 2016

Talking to your children about their music taste can provide valuable insight into their mental health, writes Professor Katrina McFerran, Head of Music Therapy at the MCM. Read more via The Conversation.

Dr Grace Thompson
Amazing Grace: How sweet the sound

19 Nov 2015

Strumming a guitar with a child newly diagnosed with autism can help foster social interaction, says MCM music therapist Dr Grace Thompson. The multi-instrumentalist, lecturer, and researcher is helping to change the lives of children and families affected by autism, by using music to help foster social connections and interaction. Read the full story via Pursuit.

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Dementia research fellowship awarded to Jeanette Tamplin

27 Oct 2015

Music therapist Dr Jeanette Tamplin has received a major NHMRC ARC Dementia Research Development Fellowship for her project: “Choir participation to improve wellbeing and relationship quality for community-dwelling people with dementia and their primary care-givers.” Dr Tamplin is one of 76 researchers who will share in $43 million to support research to tackle the impacts of dementia and find ways of preventing and curing the disease. 

Katrina McFerran awarded ARC Linkage Grant

14 Jul 2015

Music therapist  Professor Kat McFerran is leading a team who have been awarded a $414,459 ARC Linkage Grant for their project “Building Resilient School Communities through Tailored Arts Programs”. Together with Professor Gary McPherson and Professor John Hattie (Melbourne Graduate School of Education), Prof McFerran will work with partner organisations including the Catholic Education Office Melbourne, The Song Room and eight targeted primary schools.

Can the use of music change parts of our personality?

22 Dec 2014

MCM Music Therapist Jason Kenner speaks to ABC Radio National

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No pain, no gain? The abuse of power in Whiplash is unacceptable

14 Nov 2014

By Professor Katrina McFerran

Perhaps what Whiplash does achieve is open a conversation about the limited value of old-fashioned music education in contrast to more informed approaches that are currently being promoted through research-based pedagogy at universities in Australia.

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