Statement on the closure of the Centre for Cultural Partnerships

28 Sep 2016

The Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music can confirm it will cease offerings in all programs and discontinue operations managed at the Centre for Cultural Partnerships (CCP) by the end of the year.

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For lovers of graffiti, Pokémon Go is old hat

20 Jul 2016

Pokemon Go demonstrates how graffiti has grown into a new form of social media, argues Dr Lachlan McDowall. Read more via the Conversation.

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Science and art collide as performers tackle climate change

07 Jul 2016

In a double first, the world-renowned Performance Studies International (PSi) conference is headed to Australia and opening its doors to the public, with Head of the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development Richard Frankland appearing as the keynote speaker. Read the media release.

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Disaster relief, a dish best served bold

07 Jul 2016

Artists Dawn Weleski and Jen Rae are taking discussions about food and climate change to a new level for a disaster-relief scenario in North Melbourne Town Hall. Read more va Pursuit.

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[WATCH] Terms of Engagement: Ethics and Participatory Art

12 May 2016

What responsibilities do artists have to the communities in which they practice? An expert panel of artists and academics discussed the role of ethics in participatory art in our Terms of Engagement forum - watch the video now.

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Small is beautiful: artist-run collectives count, but they’re facing death by a thousand cuts

30 Mar 2016

Artist-run initiatives are a major creative driver in Australia’s art environment but are suffering due to funding cuts, says research fellow Maria Miranda. Read more via The Conversation.

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Craft activists are changing the world, one stitch at a time

24 Mar 2016

PhD candidate and "craftivist" Tal Fitzpatrick Tal Fitzpatrick is making a quilt based on messages to the Prime Minister. Read more via The Age.

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VCA & MCM October e-newsletter

09 Oct 2015

Read the October edition of the VCA & MCM e-newsletter.

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VCA & MCM September e-newsletter

15 Sep 2015

Read the September edition of the VCA & MCM e-newsletter.

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VCA & MCM August e-newsletter

20 Aug 2015

Read the August edition of the VCA & MCM e-newsletter.

VCA & MCM July e-newsletter

15 Jul 2015

Read the July edition of the VCA & MCM e-newsletter.

VCA & MCM May e-newsletter

07 May 2015

Read the May edition of the VCA & MCM e-newsletter.