DR Bernhard Sachs

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  • Academic

Research expertise

  • Aesthetics
  • Cultural Theory and Politics
  • History and Theory of Art
  • Visual and Fine Art (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking.)
Dr Bernhard Sachs

Lecturer and Co-ordinator Graduate Coursework (Master of Contemporary Art)
School of Art

Dr. Bernhard Sachs, artist, lives and works in Melbourne. He has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally since 1977, has been the recipient of a number of grants and residencies including Citè International des Arts, Paris (1990) and PS1/ Institute of Contemporary Art, New York (1993 4) has lectured in art since 1986, and was the convenor of the art project Office of Utopic Procedures. Existential thematics constellated around questions of history and representation and their obsessional underwriting drive the research and work.

Contact: School of Art | University of Melbourne | 234 St Kilda Rd |SOUTHBANK | Vic. 3006. | Australia | t. 61-3-90359465 | e.bsachs@unimelb.edu.au | or Art School Administration 61-3-90359468/ fax.61-3- 90359459

Education. Undergraduate degrees in history (Adelaide University, B.A. 1975) and fine arts (S.A. School of Art, B.A.1980) and postgraduate degrees in art (Victorian College of the Arts, Postgraduate diploma,1985; Masters,1997). PhD (University of Melbourne) 2011.

Selected Exhibitions. 2013
The Impenetrable Hour (Eradicate -Attrition Studio) Block Projects Melbourne; Mixtape National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; 2012 Resurrexit: The Eradicate Block Projects, Melbourne; 2010 Office of Utopic Procedures-The Aesthetics of Joy Westspace, Melbourne; 2009 Anathema/Anachronism/Apostacy Margaret lawrence Gallery, University of Melbourne; Unseen:Studium Mars Gallery, Melbourne; 2008 Bal Tashchit Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne; 2007 Sachs-Codex 1977-2007,1000 Drawings Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney; 2006 The Paranoiac Critical Method: Chloroform Vision of St. Eustace Spacement Gallery, Melbourne; Das Fatale: the Paranoiac Critical Method School of Art, University of Melbourne; The Office of Utopic Procedures: Endgame - Late-capitalist Realism, Margaret Lawrence Gallery,University of Melbourne; 2005 Regime iconoclaste d'un frisson: le cercle vicieux après Salo/ Iconoclastic Regime of the Shudder; the Vicious Circle after Salo , Ocular Lab, Melbourne; 2004 (Reconstruction of) the Polish Game, Ocular Lab, Melbourne

Subject Areas

  • Aesthetics
  • Art History
  • Cultural Theory
  • Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)
  • The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)

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Contact Details

Phone Number: 61390359465
email: bsachs@unimelb.edu.au


Redux: During Philosophy and After 1988 - 2008
Start: Saturday, August 8th 2015 End: Saturday, October 24th 2015
The Impenetrable Hour (Eradicate-Attrition Studio)
Start: Tuesday, November 12th 2013 End: Friday, December 6th 2013
Re: The Body 1
Start: Saturday, September 14th 2013 End: Saturday, October 12th 2013
Mix Tape 1980's
Start: Thursday, April 11th 2013 End: Saturday, August 31st 2013
Resurrexit: The Eradicate
Start: Wednesday, May 30th 2012 End: Friday, June 22nd 2012
Anathema/Anachronism/Apostasy (solo exhibition)
Start: Thursday, January 29th 2009 End: Friday, February 13th 2009
Bal Tashchit
Start: Sunday, April 6th 2008 End: Saturday, June 28th 2008
Sachs-Codex 1977-2007, 1000 Drawings
Start: Thursday, November 22nd 2007 End: Friday, December 14th 2007
Australian Drawing Part 2
Start: Wednesday, May 23rd 2007 End: Friday, June 8th 2007
The Paranoiac Critical Method - Chloroform Vision of St. Eustace
Start: Thursday, November 30th 2006 End: Saturday, December 16th 2006
ENDGAME: Late-capitalist Realism
Start: Friday, September 15th 2006 End: Friday, October 6th 2006
Das Fatale: The Paranoiac Critical Method
Start: Monday, February 20th 2006 End: Thursday, March 9th 2006
Late Capitalist Painting Seminar
Start: Tuesday, February 22nd 2005 End: Wednesday, March 1st 2006
Regime Iconoclaste d'un frission: le cercle vicieux apres Salo/Iconoclastic Regime of the Shudder: the Vicious Circle after Salo 
Start: Tuesday, October 11th 2005 End: Saturday, November 5th 2005
Start: Friday, July 22nd 2005 End: Saturday, August 27th 2005
The Sound of Painting
Start: Friday, May 13th 2005 End: Saturday, July 9th 2005
Ocular Lab 12
Start: Tuesday, April 19th 2005 End: Friday, May 6th 2005
Place Made: Australian Print Workshop
Start: Saturday, December 18th 2004 End: Sunday, April 24th 2005
Before Night - After Nature
Start: Thursday, November 4th 2004 End: Wednesday, March 23rd 2005
(Reconstruction of) The Polish Game
Start: Sunday, July 18th 2004 End: Saturday, August 7th 2004
mMa(Office of Utopic Procedures/Re-presentation of Suppresed work)
Start: Saturday, June 26th 2004 End: Friday, July 9th 2004
Start: Wednesday, October 29th 2003 End: Saturday, November 8th 2003
Love Letter to China
Start: Thursday, July 24th 2003 End: Friday, August 29th 2003
Act XII: New Works on Paper
Start: Friday, May 2nd 2003 End: Tuesday, June 24th 2003
The Office of Utopic Procedures
Start: Thursday, October 18th 2001 End: Friday, November 9th 2001
Mytho-Poetic Federation Painting: Tower Hill - Renunciation Project toward Aesthetic Cleansing
Start: Friday, March 16th 2001 End: Saturday, March 24th 2001


Creative Exhibited Works

SACHS B (2007), Australian Drawing Part 2, John Buckley Gallery
SACHS B (2006), ENDGAME: Late-capitalist Realism, VCA Gallery
SACHS B (2005), Late Capitalist Painting Seminar, Victorian College of the Arts Gallery
SACHS B (2005), Color(less)
SACHS B (2005), Ocular Lab 12, Spacement Gallery
SACHS B (2005), The Sound of Painting, Victorian Arts Centre Trust
SACHS B (2004), Before Night - After Nature, Monash University Museum of Art
SACHS B (2004), Love Letter to China, International Drawing Research Institute - College of Fine Arts UNSW
SACHS B (2004), Place Made: Australian Print Workshop, National Gallery of Australia
SACHS B (2004), mMa(Office of Utopic Procedures/Re-presentation of Suppresed work), CLUBSprojects Inc
SACHS B (2003), Act XII: New Works on Paper, Victorian Arts Centre Trust
SACHS B (2001), The Office of Utopic Procedures, Westspace
SACHS B (2001), The Office of Utopic Procedures, Westspace

Creative Published Works

SACHS B (2004), On Negation: Bilderverbot – The Prohibition Against Images., Christian Capurro

Publications of Creative Research

SACHS B (2002), The Office of Utopic Procedures, Westspace

Education and Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy PhD , University of Melbourne, 2011
  • Master of Fine Arts M.F.A. , Victorian College of the Arts, 1997
  • Post Graduate Diploma (Fine Arts) PG.Dip.(FA) , Victorian College of the Arts, 1985
  • Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) BA(FA) , Adelaide College of the Arts and Education, University of Adelaide, 1980
  • Diploma of Education Dip.Ed. , Adelaide University, 1976
  • Bachelor of Arts BA , Adelaide University, 1975

Awards and honours

  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2004
  • Australia Council Overseas Fellowship Residency (Institute of Contemporary Art/PS1New York), 1993
  • Australia Council/Sydney University,Power Institute, 1990
  • Melbourne University, 1975