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  • Academic

Research expertise

  • Philosophy (continental philosophy)
  • Sculpture (installation, materials and processes)
Elizabeth Presa is a visual artist and academic. Elizabeth studied Sculpture at the VCA and the Phillip Institute, then completed an honours degree in Art History and Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, and an MA and PhD at Monash University in the Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. From 1993 she taught in the School of Art at the VCA before being appointed Head of the interdisciplinary Centre for Ideas in 2003, where her focus has been on interdisciplinary curriculum and research design in the visual and performing arts. She has been a visiting artist at universities in New York, Korea, Singapore, Beijing and London. International artist residencies include several residencies at the Cite International Des Arts, Paris; Nanyang Academy of Art, Singapore, and a Research Fellowship for a project entitled "Interior Castle: St Teresa of Avila, architectures of space", at the Five College’s Women’s Research Centre, Mt Holyoke, Massachusetts. In 2013 she was artist in residence at Youkobo Art Space Tokyo to research the Ginza beehives; and at Pilchuck glass school in the USA. She was artist in residence and a visiting academic at Minzu UNiversity, Beijiing, in 2014. Elizabeth is interested in the thematics of translation between writing and art. Éditions Galilée, Paris, presented an exhibition of her work made in response to Chaque Fois Unique by Jacques Derrida, and she has written on the interconnections between Rodin, Rilke and Blanchot in After Blanchot: Literature, Criticism and Philosophy (University of Delaware, 2006). Her curatorial work has included three iterations of ‘Do It’ with Hans Ulrich Obrist, including one with the Central Academy of fine Arts, Beijing (see interview in Do It: The Compendium, 2013). Currently she is working on a series of beehive projects titled ‘Apian Utopias: Small Architecture for Bees’ which involves projects and exhibitions in Tokyo , the USA, Beijing , New Zealand and Australia. She has an ongoi ng interest in the interconnections between philosophy and art. Most recently she has written on art and object relations theory in "The Winnicott Tradition: Lines of Development", Eds. Margaret Boyle Sepleman and Frances Thomson-Salo, Karnac Books, London. Intersecting themes of infancy and childhood games as sources of productive freedom have prompted her recent sculpture exhibitions. Elizabeth Presa's work is featured in Verwisch Die Spuren (Diaphanes) by the philosopher Alexander Garcia Düttmann.

Subject Areas

  • Aesthetics
  • Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)
  • Cultural Understanding not elsewhere classified
  • The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)

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email: epresa@unimelb.edu.au


Start: Sunday, November 20th 2016 End: Saturday, February 18th 2017
Start: Thursday, November 10th 2016 End: Thursday, November 24th 2016
Start: Tuesday, October 25th 2016 End: Saturday, October 29th 2016
Life must first imitate matter
Start: Monday, November 9th 2015 End: Wednesday, November 11th 2015
Start: Wednesday, July 15th 2015 End: Friday, July 17th 2015
An Other Economy
Start: Tuesday, December 9th 2014 End: Thursday, December 11th 2014
Small Utopias: architecture for bees - (beehive village)
Start: Saturday, March 8th 2014 End: Saturday, March 29th 2014
Echidna Body/Human Body
Start: Saturday, October 19th 2013 End: Saturday, November 16th 2013
Apian Utopias: Small Architecture for Bees (Apicultural Utopias: Part 3)
Start: Friday, October 18th 2013 End: Friday, November 15th 2013
Apian Utopias: Small Architecture for Bees (Part 2)
Start: Saturday, June 15th 2013 End: Sunday, July 14th 2013
Apian Utopias: Small Architecture for Bees (Part 1: Tokyo Beehives)
Start: Thursday, April 25th 2013 End: Friday, April 26th 2013
living everyday by art
Start: Wednesday, June 13th 2012 End: Saturday, July 28th 2012
Becoming Vanishing
Start: Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 End: Wednesday, December 7th 2011
Start: Wednesday, February 16th 2011 End: Saturday, March 19th 2011
Start: Friday, December 3rd 2010 End: Thursday, December 16th 2010
Interior Castle
Start: Friday, September 17th 2010 End: Saturday, October 16th 2010
Start: Thursday, May 27th 2010 End: Friday, June 25th 2010
Drought - Creative Cross Cultural Collaborations
Start: Friday, August 22nd 2008 End: Saturday, August 30th 2008
ship of fools, ship of hope, one world
Start: Wednesday, June 18th 2008 End: Saturday, July 5th 2008
Start: Wednesday, November 14th 2007 End: Saturday, December 1st 2007
This Crazy Love
Start: Friday, September 28th 2007 End: Saturday, November 10th 2007
"The Space Between" Book Project
Start: Friday, July 13th 2007 End: Friday, August 3rd 2007
Distribution of Organic Beings
Start: Tuesday, May 15th 2007 End: Friday, June 29th 2007
Dear Jean-Jaques...
Start: Thursday, January 11th 2007 End: Friday, January 19th 2007
Calculation of the Rainbow
Start: Thursday, September 14th 2006 End: Saturday, October 7th 2006
Moon Water
Start: Wednesday, August 10th 2005 End: Tuesday, August 30th 2005
Jochen Gertz Die Anthology Der Kunst
Start: Friday, March 18th 2005 End: Saturday, August 6th 2005
Papier Machine
Start: Tuesday, March 15th 2005 End: Friday, April 8th 2005
For Nothing
Start: Friday, November 26th 2004 End: Thursday, January 13th 2005
Start: Tuesday, January 20th 2004 End: Wednesday, February 4th 2004
The Makers Craft
Start: Saturday, April 26th 2003 End: Saturday, May 17th 2003
Milk River
Start: Friday, October 18th 2002 End: Friday, November 8th 2002
Jochen Gerz Anthology of Art
Start: Sunday, September 1st 2002 End: Sunday, September 29th 2002
Shirakawa-go Art Festival - 2002
Start: Sunday, June 30th 2002 End: Tuesday, July 30th 2002
A Small Penance
Start: Thursday, January 10th 2002 End: Wednesday, January 9th 2002
Grounds for Sculpture
Start: Sunday, November 4th 2001 End: Saturday, December 8th 2001
On The Cross
Start: Friday, March 9th 2001 End: Saturday, March 31st 2001
Oblique Shadows
Start: Monday, January 1st 2001 End: Tuesday, January 30th 2001


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Research Book Chapters

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Full Written Papers Unrefereed

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Journal Articles Refereed

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Creative Exhibited Works

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Journal Articles

PRESA E (2006), Breath (Jacques Derrida)

Education and Training

  • PhD in Critcal Theory and Comparative Literature PhD , Monash University, 2003
  • Masters in Critical Theory and Comparative Literature MA , Monash University, 1993
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) BA(HONS) , University of Melbourne, 1989
  • Postgraduate Diploma Sculpture PGDip , Phillip Institute of Technology, 1981
  • Diploma of Fine Art (Sculpture) Dip Art , Victorian College of the Arts, 1977

Awards and honours

  • Sidney Myer foundation, 2011