DR Kate Just

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  • Academic

Research expertise

  • Contemporary Art
  • Craft
  • Female Representation in Art
  • Feminism
  • Queer Embodiment
  • Skin, the Body and Subjectivity
Dr Kate Just is an American-born Australian visual artist. Since 2002, Just has created an expansive body of visual art work in a diversity of media including knitting, resin, clay, collage and photo-media. Just's works feature figures, large text sculptures, abstracted forms and collections of knitted skins, tools and armours. A focal point in her practice is the development of representations of the body and womanhood that embrace subjective, embodied and multifarious perspectives. The use of knitting across works casts craft as a highly engaging sculptural medium, a poetic or political tool. Recently, Just has produced a series of socially engaged projects and public works about urban community, female representation and violence against women.

Kate Just was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1974 and moved to Melbourne permanently in 1996. Just has a Doctor of Philosophy from Monash University, a Master of Arts from RMIT, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from VCA and a Bachelor of Science (Film) from Boston University. Just has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions across Australia including at Craft Victoria, Gertrude Contemporary, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne Art Fair, Silvershot, CAST, Chalk Horse Gallery, Nellie Castan Gallery, First Draft, MOP, PICA, CCAS and Daine Singer. Internationally, Just has exhibited her work at Nanjing University, Auckland Art Fair, AC Institute New York, and the Factory at Kunsthalle Krems, Austria. In 2015 and 2016, Just will exhibit her work at Gallery Titanik in Turku, Finland, Chasm in New York City and Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo, Japan.

Just has been the recipient of numerous grants and prizes. She has been awarded funding by the City of Melbourne, Arts Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts. She was the winner of the Mollie Hollman Doctoral Medal for the best PhD in Art Design and Architecture in 2013 at Monash University. Just was the winner of the 2007 Siem ens Travel Award, the 2012 British Council Realise Your Dream Award, the 2013 Rupert Bunny Visual Art Fellowship and the 2015 Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award. She has undertaken local residencies at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Lake Macquarie Gallery, Heide Museum of Modern Art, the Australian Tapestry Workshop and Billilla Mansion and held international residencies at Krems (AIR) and the Australia Council Studio Barcelona. In 2013, Just travelled to London to create the public artwork KNIT HOPE, with artists and members of the community. Just's work is held in collections including Artbank, Ergas Collection, City of Port Phillip, Ararat Regional Art Gallery and Proclaim Management Collection.


Subject Areas

  • Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)
  • The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)

Available for supervision

Kate Just's research areas include contemporary art, contemporary sculptural practice, feminism, knitting, craft, autobiographical narrative in art, the female body in representation, the skin of the body, the body in public space, subjectivity, and queer theory/art practice. Just supervises coursework and research students at the Honours, Masters and PhD level.

Contact Details

email: kjust@unimelb.edu.au


Rijswijk Textile Biennial
Start: Tuesday, May 16th 2017 End: Saturday, September 23rd 2017
No Woman is an Island
Start: Wednesday, May 10th 2017 End: Friday, May 26th 2017
Body and Cloth
Start: Monday, February 13th 2017 End: Sunday, April 16th 2017
Stitch Fetish 5
Start: Saturday, February 4th 2017 End: Monday, February 27th 2017
The Aadambar Strivadi Quilt
Start: Tuesday, December 20th 2016 End: Thursday, December 22nd 2016
Feminist Fan
Start: Thursday, June 30th 2016 End: Thursday, September 29th 2016
Feminist Fan in Japan and Friends
Start: Saturday, February 20th 2016 End: Thursday, February 25th 2016
f-generation: feminism, art, progression
Start: Wednesday, October 7th 2015 End: Tuesday, October 13th 2015
Spring 1883
Start: Wednesday, September 9th 2015 End: Friday, September 11th 2015
Hand Made Politics
Start: Thursday, August 6th 2015 End: Wednesday, July 29th 2015
Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award (Winner)
Start: Saturday, June 13th 2015 End: Saturday, July 25th 2015
The Furies
Start: Sunday, March 15th 2015 End: Monday, June 29th 2015
Works from the Contemporary Australian Collection, National Gallery of Australia
Start: Tuesday, December 1st 2015 End: Monday, April 20th 2015
Amber Stones and Green
Start: Monday, January 5th 2015 End: Thursday, January 29th 2015
Hope & Safe
Start: Wednesday, October 15th 2014 End: Friday, November 14th 2014
Material Edge
Start: Saturday, September 6th 2014 End: Saturday, October 18th 2014
The F Word
Start: Saturday, July 19th 2014 End: Saturday, September 6th 2014
Subject to Ruin
Start: Saturday, May 24th 2014 End: Saturday, July 5th 2014
Fertile Ground
Start: Wednesday, March 12th 2014 End: Thursday, April 3rd 2014
Postscript: A Burial Suit
Start: Friday, October 18th 2013 End: Friday, November 15th 2013
Knit HOPE project
Start: Tuesday, July 30th 2013 End: Saturday, October 5th 2013
The Texture of Her Skin
Start: Friday, May 31st 2013 End: Saturday, June 15th 2013
Venus Was Her Name
Start: Thursday, March 14th 2013 End: Friday, April 19th 2013
Louise Bourgeois and Australian Artists
Start: Saturday, October 13th 2012 End: Saturday, April 13th 2013
The Hobart Prize
Start: Saturday, October 6th 2012 End: Saturday, November 10th 2012
Kate Just: The Knitted Works 2004-2011
Start: Thursday, May 17th 2012 End: Saturday, July 7th 2012
The Skin of Hope
Start: Thursday, May 24th 2012 End: Friday, June 29th 2012
Venus Was Her Name
Start: Sunday, October 16th 2011 End: Saturday, March 3rd 2012
Unearthed, solo exhibition of sculptural works
Start: Friday, April 29th 2011 End: Friday, June 10th 2011
Inward Gathering, sculptural installation
Start: Thursday, October 28th 2010 End: Friday, November 19th 2010
Imaging The Apple
Start: Thursday, March 25th 2010 End: Friday, April 30th 2010
Gertrude Studio Artists Exhibition 2009
Start: Friday, November 20th 2009 End: Friday, December 11th 2009
Start: Friday, November 20th 2009 End: Thursday, December 10th 2009
Boundary (LOVE)
Start: Saturday, November 19th 2005 End: Tuesday, October 20th 2009
A New Day in a Strange Land
Start: Saturday, July 4th 2009 End: Friday, July 24th 2009
Love Bites
Start: Friday, April 17th 2009 End: Thursday, May 7th 2009
Sneak Peek
Start: Saturday, January 31st 2009 End: Friday, February 27th 2009
Knit one, purl one, knit one
Start: Friday, December 12th 2008 End: Saturday, January 31st 2009
Gertrude Studio Artists Exhibition
Start: Friday, November 21st 2008 End: Friday, December 12th 2008
Life, Death, Thereafter
Start: Tuesday, September 16th 2008 End: Friday, November 28th 2008
The Garden of Interior Delights
Start: Saturday, October 18th 2008 End: Friday, October 31st 2008
The Blake Prize
Start: Friday, September 5th 2008 End: Friday, October 3rd 2008
Shed That Skin
Start: Saturday, February 2nd 2008 End: Wednesday, February 27th 2008
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Start: Thursday, October 11th 2007 End: Friday, November 2nd 2007
You Make Me Feel
Start: Saturday, July 14th 2007 End: Saturday, August 11th 2007
Bird Girls
Start: Thursday, April 26th 2007 End: Friday, May 18th 2007
40 Degrees
Start: Friday, February 2nd 2007 End: Friday, February 23rd 2007
The Printmaking Summer Residency Show
Start: Monday, December 4th 2006 End: Thursday, December 21st 2006
Only some of the time (banal personal revelations), curated by Jessica Oliveri & Emma White
Start: Tuesday, October 17th 2006 End: Saturday, October 28th 2006
Start: Thursday, August 17th 2006 End: Saturday, September 23rd 2006
Start: Tuesday, June 6th 2006 End: Friday, June 23rd 2006


Publications of Creative Research

JUST K (2014), Hope/Safe
JUST K (2014), Big Knitted Welcome Mat
JUST K (2013), The Armour of Hope and Other Works, University of London, Birkbeck College, Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies
JUST K (2010), Song Ling: Kaleidoscope, Niagara Publishing
JUST K (2008), Parasite Specific, catalogue essay by Kate Just, Next Wave Festival
JUST K (2007), If These Walls Could Talk, Catalogue Essay by Kate Just, RMIT Gallery (ISBN:978-0-9579495-9-1)

Full Written Papers Unrefereed

JUST K (2015), Stitching a Skin of Hope, The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging from the Academy

Education and Training

  • Arts (Fine Arts) PhD , Monash University, 2013
  • Arts (Fine Arts) MA , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2010
  • Arts (Painting) BA , Victorian College of the Arts, 2002
  • Science (Film Making) BSC , Boston University, 1996

Awards and honours

  • Asialink Residency, Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi, 2016
  • Artist in Residence, Billilla Mansion, Brighton, 2015
  • Mollie Hollman Doctoral Medal, 2014
  • Rupert Bunny Visual Arts Fellow, 2013
  • Australia Council for the Arts Barcelona Studio, 2012
  • KREMS (AIR), Austria International Artist in Residence, 2011
  • Monash Research Scholarship, Monash University, 2010
  • Australian Postgraduate Award, RMIT University, 2006
  • Winner, Toorak Village Sculpture Festival Emerging Art Award, 2003

Winner, Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award
Artist in Residence, Billilla Mansion

City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant
Mollie Hollman Doctoral Medal

Winner, Rupert Bunny Visual Arts Fellowship
Finalist, Blake Prize

Winner, British Council Realise Your Dream Award
Australia Council New Work Grant
Finalist, Hobart Prize
Artist in Residence, Australian Tapestry Workshop

Barcelona Studio Residency, Australia Council for the Arts
International Artist in Residence, Kunsthalle, Krems, Austria
City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant
Monash Postgraduate Research Publications Award
Janet Holmes a Court Artist's Grant
Melbourne University Creative and Conference Research Fund (for staff)

St Kilda Bowling Club Studio residency (2010 - 2011)
Monash Graduate Scholarship (2010 - 2012)
Monash Postgraduate Travel Grant
Finalist, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery National Works on Paper Award
Finalist, St Michael's Archangel Award
Finalist, Qantas Contemporary Art Encouragement Award

Finalist, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, NSW
Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces Residency, (2008 - 2010)

Finalist, Ola Cohn Sculpture Prize
Finalist, The Blake Prize
Janet Holmes A Court Artists Grant
Australian Postgraduate Award, Master of Arts (Research), RMIT University

Artist in Residence, Heide Museum of Modern Art
Finalist, ABN Amro Emerging Art Award
Finalist, Agendo Art Award
City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant Recipient
Australian Postgraduate Award, Master of Arts (Research), RMIT University
Winner, Siemens Fine Art Award, RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall